Secu-Tray® is our complete range of customized OR Packs for surgical interventions. The Secu-Tray® systems by the Sengewald group combine specificity and standardization for operating procedures in the OR.

The Sengewald group has more than 30 years of experience in this sector.

Our subsidiary MSP Schmeiser in Horb assembled its first packs in 1982.

Today Sengewald assembles almost 5 million OR packs every year, in more than 3,000 different configurations.  In all, these packs contain over 10,000 different items and generate huge advantages for our customers.

  • Reliability

    The Secu-Tray Reliability:

    Secu-Tray® represents the best choice from a user perspective. The highest quality standard is guaranteed for all items inserted in each OR pack.

  • Assortment

    The Secu-Tray Assortment:

    – Secu-Tray® is a complete range of OR and minor procedure packs;
    – Based on our successful story we can source items for every kind of procedure being performed in hospitals;
    – Secu-Tray® is currently labeled on more than 3,000 different configurations manufactured in our plants.

  • Advantages

    The Secu-Tray Advantages:

    Secu-Tray® packs are assembled precisely in accordance to individual needs in the OR.  By closely cooperating with leading manufacturers in the medical device industry we can integrate the individual disposable components wanted in the packs.
    – We also guarantee absolute material safety with regard to the MDD (Medical Device Directive):  every component in the tray is traced.  Sterilization is documented and validated, and rules are strictly observed.
     Service with a system:  Consultation, Definition of the pack contents and sequence, User evaluation of a non-sterile sample, Test phase and any necessary optimization of the packs, Placement of the order, Integration of the pack in the daily OR routine.
     Know-how based on experience:  fits exactly, down to the smallest detail.
     Our effort – Your profit:  your advantages at a glance:  OR, Purchasing, Storage, Environment, Finances.