Sengewald Klinikprodukte GmbH is headquartered in Rohrdorf, south of Munich. At Sengewald, we continuously strive for industry-leading reliability and quality in our products, living up to the world-renowned standard of “Made in Germany”. We are enthusiastic and committed about what we do. By always listening to our customers, by sharing and by innovating, we constantly seek to improve ourselves, our products and our services – all in the interest of patient safety, customer satisfaction and business excellence. We pride ourselves on a corporate ethos of talking straight with our business partners, and always delivering what we promise.  Moreover, we respect the individual rights of our employees and partners, and we always reject harassment and discrimination of any kind.

Our products and processes comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and we believe that our success is due in large part to our longstanding medical expertise.
Our site in Rohrdorf is a world-class facility for the manufacturing and packaging of single-use medical products. Over the past 35 years, we have built a strong reputation based on leadership in technology, engineering excellence, cost-effective manufacturing, and personal integrity.
Our production machines manufacture reliable and cost-effective compounds from different materials, such as nonwoven, film and tissue resp. PP-Nonwoven of the highest quality, and we manufacture Mayo Stand Covers in an automated production process. We also operate a wide range of folding machines at the site. Optional applications such as reinforcements, adhesive tapes, adhesive sheets, cut outs or printing can be integrated into the fully-automatic process.

Even the most complex, two and three-dimensional surgical drapes such as angiography drapes, extremity drapes or split sheets are fully automatically manufactured on these innovative machines.  In the last production step we have a wide range of high performance filling and wrapping machines for medical sets, kits and packs.

Furthermore, many of our specialty drapes have different integrated solutions, such as pouches, that provide all the functions necessary to enable professionals to focus on what they do best, every day.

Most importantly, in our entire history we have never had a mandated product recall.