The Secu-Drape Innovation:

Acquamarine represents a market innovation that is expected to reshape the way drapes are manufactured and used in surgical theatres around the world.

Secu-Drape ® Aquamarine: The Intelligent alternative

The best: both in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Intelligent.  Efficient.  Ecological.

An innovative material, produced in Germany with the latest technologies and highly selected raw materials.  This is a new component of the Secu Drape product line.


Using a highly reliable and sophisticated technology, we created a new fabric for The Secu-Drape® Aquamarine.  With these optimal materials, we are able to perfectly respond to any professional’s requirements.


Our most recent and advanced development:  In response to the constant increase in surgical interventions/operations and a greater attention to costs, the product represents an economical and safe alternative that will increase the efficiency in your operation bulk.


Without PVC, softeners and heavy metals – for a more environmentally “friendly” waste, without compromising on safety.

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